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Encounters Baby Shower Silvia Pesci organized a baby shower in her home to honor Carla Patrick and Emilio Roso’s new baby, Ornella. During the party, guests participated in baby games and raffles including guessing the size of mommy’s tummy! 1. Natalie Fernandez, Jazmin Finlay, Angela Patlan, Carla Patrick & Grace Battle 2. Cecilia Ferrarone & Roselyn Fiore 3. Carla Patrick & Emilio Roso 4. Carla Patrick, Susan Suarez, Linda Anderson, Elaine Levine & Lourdes Lourido 5. Sonia Viola & Silvia Pesci 6. Betty Alonso, Leonor Gonzalez, Jessica Alonso & Hazel Ermusl 7. Emilio Roso, Carla Patrick & Sonia Viola 8. Terry Angelone, Ida Cattaneo, Maria Longobardi, Carla Patrick 9. Roselyn Fiore, Cecilia Ferrarone & Carla Patrick 1 3 2 4 7 114 5 8 6 9