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Encounters Viva Peru! The Peruvian Chamber of Commerce held a night of music, cocktails and wonderful food served from different Peruvian restaurants at the Grand Bay Club. All the proceeds benefitted Fundacion Manos del Sur’s programs in Peru. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1.Jose Ignacio and Michelle Gonzalez, Mary Montero and Hyun Park 2. Luz Maria Koetzle, Ana Maria Bitar, Paulina Montes and Luciana Lombardi 3. Aldo Berti, Ana Mark, Sixto Campano, Alexandra Rumie and Mario Fernandez 4. Cristina and Edgardo DeFortuna 5. Dr Jaime Vergara and Joselyn Woodam 6. Maria Patricia Somarriba and Christian Mora 7. Mariana and Scott Fischer 8. Carlos and Claudia Gil and Juan Carlos and Annette Antocha 9. Esmeralda Delfin, Mara Santalla, Zuzzette Camareno and Karin Engel 10. Maria Thorne and Michael Davey 1 2 4 3 6 9 112 7 5 8 10