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Encounters BIRTHDAY WISHES Rose Calero’s birthday celebration was filled with live music, special b-day cocktails and lots of fun with friends. The birthday girl herself admits this was one of the best birthdays she’s ever had. Preparations for next year’s celebration are already in progress! 1. Cheryl Lopez, Rose Calero & Pierina Ripalda 2. Xiomara Cortés, Lorena Bowen, Cristina Escobar & Maria Olivia Cedeño 3. Pierina Ripalda, Xiomara Ripalda, Rose Calero, Xiomara Cortés, Laura Oleas, Cheryl Lopez, Daniela Kronfle & Beatriz Quintero 4. Pierina Ripalda & Rose Calero 5. Ana Maria Ripalda & Maria Isabel Ripalda 6. Totoy Lara & Maria del Rosario Escobar 7. Xiomara Cortis, Lorena Bowen, Rose Calero, Elma Fernandez, Geanne & Marie Buenaventura 8. Estela Serrano & Laura Oleas 1 3 2 4 7 96 key biscayne magazine 5 6 8