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Encounters KENYA CALL Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto took Key Biscayne Yacht Club members on a safari in the slopes of old Kirinyaga, the sacred mountain of the Kikuyu tribe, to enjoy a game dinner at the Mount Kenya Safari Club hosted in memory of its founder, the late William Holden. A lion, a zebra and a giraffe came very close to the waterhole and revelers were able to see them up-close and personal. The most memorable fiasco of the night was when Dorothy Lomenick called the shot and her shotgun didn’t fire on time. Nevertheless, Chef Miguel made the best of it and served buffalo, venison and guinea hen, honoring his culinary skills. 1 1. Willy & Marilyn Borroto 2. Bob-Hacker, Dorothy Lomenick, Hortensia Hacker, Denys & Robert Alt & Joy Fried 3. A zebra and giraffe performance entertained guests mid-meal 4. Ed London 5. Claire London, Marilyn Borroto & Ed London 6. Hortensia Hacker 7. Pamela Conover & Raymond Lutz 8. Mac & Elaine Melvin. 9. Robert & Denys Alt 10. Ron & Lisa Drucker 11. Dorothy Lomenick 12. Margarita Nutting 13. Hal & Wendy Wood 14. John & Staria Petersen 15. Brian & Mary Tague 16. Hal & Wendy Wood, Mort Fried, Lisa & Ron Drucker, Brian Tague & Peggy Goodman 2 4 3 88 key biscayne magazine 5