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Encounters @ The Paraiso District 1 3 SEASIDE SOIREE The Related Group hosted a special event at The Paraiso District with surprise cameos by Euro NBA basketball players throughout the soiree. 1. Peter Green, Barry Remi, Aboudou Jordan, Christian Tupper 2. Sonia Figueroa, Sherman Gay 3. Jennifer Lapeyre, Ruth Palma, Jasmin Aydagul 4. Carmen Casadella, Claudia Patricia Eusse, Michelle Minagorri, Belinda Andretti 5. Winsome Frazier, Sonia Figueroa, Ruth Palma, Ronnie Taylor 6. Sherman Gay, Carmen Casadella 7. Sherman Gay, Belinda Andretti, Barry Remi 8. David Green, Ronnie Taylor 2 174