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Encounters w/ Mercy Hospital HEALTH & SMILES Mercy Hospital hosted an “Island Adventure” Back To School community event that included a Teddy Bear Clinic and useful safety tips. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Erick Zegeer, Alicia Ortiz, Kristy Picornell, Monica Couso 2. Jay Miranda, Michelle Bookout, Keith Jenmings 3. Olivia Melchiode, Lily Melchiode, Steven Henriques, Sebastian Henriques, Joseph Melchiode 4. Miguel Cruz, Karen Perez, Joseph Melchiode 5. Alicia Ortiz, Eric Zegger 6. Cristina Valladares, Alen Nicolas, Mario Solano, Maria Calvo 7. Danasia Hatfiel, Kayla Saintcould 8. Abbey Bookout, Alyssa Abril 9. Courtney Dominguez, Michael Dominguez 10. Isabel Zandarin, Michael Garrido 11. Jose Quesada, Pablo Mora, Devon Wright 12. Greg Scott, Mercedes Yanes 1 2 3 4 5 168