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Encounters w/ Lafayette 148 New York 1 3 ICONIC STYLE Lafayette 148 New York, together with Danielle N. Garno, Diana Rosen & Katy Stoka, hosted a glamorous shopping event at the brand’s Brickell City City Centre store, in support of Children’s Home Society of Florida. 1. Maggie Dante, Danielle N. Garno, Jackie Tommasino, Dr. Melissa Lazarus 2. Danielle N. Garno 3. Janet Lago, Ryon Coote, Mayda Nahhas 4. Karla Meza, Marie Alaby 5. Dr. Melissa Lazarus, Jackie Tommasino 6. Danielle Gonzalez, Danielle N. Garno, Mayda Nahhas 7. Mimi Sanchez 8. Maggie Dante, Danielle N. Garno 2 164