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Fabrice Tardieu Fabrice Tardieu: Meticulously Handcrafted - Portrait by Bacheler Jean Pierre; Collection photos by Oui Collective Q: How would you describe your latest collection? A: “It’s fun, playful, rich in texture and bold colors. Every piece has been meticulously handcrafted in Italy. Some of the styles such as our Stan Sneaker in red or grey are numbered. Only 100 pieces are made of each color to keep them exclusive and rare. It’s the true definition of a laid-back luxury product.” Q: What sets you apart from other designers? A: “I set myself apart by designing products that have unique details and over-the-top craftsmanship. I always make sure to design a collection that’s relevant to today’s fashion while remaining simple enough that anybody could wear it. In today’s world, things have been very dark and negative with everything that has been going on. I use bold colors on soles and leathers in order to bring an element of happiness to whomever is wearing the brand.” Q: What’s trending for the season in Miami?  A: “I see a major trend toward the Chelsea boot style. Our Hugo Sneaker, one of our signature shoes, is the perfect example of that trend. They are constantly being sold out around the world and online and people are asking for it in all different skins and colors now.” Q: Best lesson you’ve learned as a designer? A: “When you are not motivated by money and do things out of love and passion, you can never fail at what you do. I believe in the saying that ‘passion moves mountains’.” 70