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Success B al an ce POWER CYCLES Fall might be right around the corner, but in Miami the heat sticks year-round, so getting your sweat on is never a problem. But you want to do more than just sweat — you want to give your body a 360-degree workout. That’s why RedBike has brought an indoor cycling studio that does more than simulate an outdoor riding experience. RedBike’s 45-minute sessions fuse dance-inspired choreography with yoga-based mental and spiritual coaching for a complete mind-body workout. In-house nutritionists help you build and meet physical goals, while a cold-pressed juice bar and spa area equipped with rain head showers keep you quenched and refreshed; — CARL A TORRES HOT WHEELS BIKE METROPOLIS Miami, New York, DC, Chicago. These cities know how to share. They’re announcing it loudly with wheels, and citizens are making it real in the streets. The evolving ecosystem of municipal bike-share programs are rolling out worldwide and being adopted with rollicking delight. There are few finer experiences than exploring on 2 wheels — the pace, the vantage and the amount of ground you can cover offer an efficient, instant intimacy to your environment. And it’s practical. And healthy. At Republic Bike, we proudly promote sharing. We celebrate the spectrum of sharing options, and we’re especially proud to offer custom, affordable solutions for our customers. Our hotel partners are acutely aware of the beauty of this experience and make it an essential amenity to their guests. But we also like to remind customers that it can be casual. A bike-share can be modeled after life, as something between friends. For a small, trusted community, a pool of bicycles can make a good day great. We like to focus on the moments between the practicalities. It’s more than getting from the HQ to the Annex. It’s about clearing your head. It’s about grace and joy. It’s about hopping on, gripping those swept- back bars and going for a ride. Republic Bike firmly believes that people build republics, so they tailor their wheels to the needs of consumers and corporate companies. Built by them and designed by you, the Dania Beach-based company does all the work and leaves the creative part to cyclists. Their 3D Bike Shop formulator is the perfect tool for getting a real-life visual of your new ride. And when they’re not building bikes for people, they’re making sure their friends over at Google and other corporate companies are well-equipped with custom fleet bicycles to keep them pedaling to the medal; — CARL A TORRES ABOUT THE AUTHOR Avery Pack is the Founder of Republic Bike, a bicycle manufacturer based in South Florida that makes bicycle fleets for customers like Google, Nike and many hotels right here in Miami; › DARE TO RIDE Looking for a place to cruise besides Miami’s nondescript roads? Take a chance on these bike trails that are sure to keep you on your toes. TEX T BY CARL A TORRES 66 ISLAND TRAILS TOPSY TURVY GROUP RIDE Bring your wheels to the Virginia Key North Point Trails (no rentals available here). Located right across the Miami Seaquarium in Virginia Key, these off-the-beaten path mountain bike trails are novice-friendly and have numerous scenic routes to keep the eyes and feet amused. Oleta River State Park packs 10 miles of challenging bike trails for the most adventurous riders. Treacherous labyrinths keep you entertained and burning calories for hours on end. Be careful where you enter, paths aren’t so clear and it’s easy to mistakenly go into the expert zone. Explore the Southern tip of Key Biscayne and hundreds of acres of the real Florida with your closest friends — after all, quad bike rentals are available here. Stop by the Cape Florida Lighthouse that was built in 1825 and be on the lookout for manatees and eagle rays on the seashore.