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Success E co POWER PRODUCE Ever stood in the grocery store deciphering whether or not organic vegetables and fruits are actually worth the extra money? Thankfully, The Environmental Working Group is here to save the day by educating you on everything you need to know. TEX T BY ROS PR ADO How often do we find ourselves in the produce section of our supermarket confused and overwhelmed by the ever-haunting question “Is this organic nectarine really worth it”? If you’re anything like most health-conscious folks, this is a usual occurrence. Luckily, EWG has created a guide to identify the fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest pesticide residue. If you’re concerned about what you and your family are putting in your bodies, consider buying apples, strawberries, grapes, celery and peaches from the organic section of your supermarket. These 5 products ranked the highest in pesticide residue, some of them containing as many as 15 different varieties of the nasty bug-killing chemicals. However, not all products are worth the extra cash; avocados, sweet corn, pineapples, cabbage and sweet peas have little to no traces of chemicals so they’re mostly safe to eat, no matter where they come from; 58