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Success D r i v e WATER RIDES RVs are often referred to as “land yachts,” which is a great description for the Terra Wind as it features an unsinkable hull. And that’s just one of the vehicle’s many lures — on and off land. TEX T BY BILL LINDSEY A very attractive Class A motorcoach with all the comforts of a posh home, the Terra Wind features an unsinkable hull that allows you to drive along the Interstate at 80 mph, and when you find an inviting body of water, drive in and cruise away at a stately 7 knots. Don’t try that with your Prevost. Priced similarly to premium motorcoaches, each Terra Wind features custom graphics and interiors to ensure that no 2 are alike. For the ultimate in decadence, pair it with the Hydra Spyder sportscar/boat. Powered by a Corvette engine and featuring Italian styling, it’s capable of land speeds of 125 mph and 46 mph on the water; 42