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Success A la M o de WEARABLE MEMORIES They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but who prints photos anymore? Enter Melt Haus, a Wynwood- based fashion company that takes your most memorable moments and reproduces them on lightweight, exceptionally crafted garments so you can share your story with the world. TEX T BY CARL A TORRES P H O T O S CO U R T E S Y O F M E LT H AU S If you’ve got great style and epic stories, rather than pulling out your phone to show images of your trip to Japan, why not make it a statement piece? Melt Haus offers a plethora of custom garments for men and women to turn their digital images into fashion-forward and wearable art. Whether you’re an iPhone snapper or a professional shutterbug, Melt Haus’ online creative lab and easy-to-use platform caters to tech-savvy fashionistas. From socks and crewnecks for guys to miniskirts and crop tops for ladies, Melt Haus covers all wardrobe essentials. Co-Founded by Michelle Varat, who launched Top Secret Society in 2007, the idea arose while on vacation in Tulum Varat when she caught a gorgeous sunset and wanted to share it beyond social media; 40