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Success S alud TEA TIME Seems like coffee has some competition, as herbal teas make a move to your kitchen counter. They are a low-calorie alternative with a cup full of benefits to go along with the great taste. TEX T BY ROS PR ADO CHAMOMILE TEA GINGER TEA GREEN TEA PEPPERMINT TEA If you’ve ever sipped tea, you’ve surely more than likely tried this one. With its worldwide popularity as the “night time” tea, chamomile is drank across the world every evening because of its ability to relieve insomnia and aid in yielding a peaceful night’s sleep. But a good slumber isn’t the only benefit you’ll get — chamomile tea also helps digestion and soothes an upset stomach by relieving bloating and indigestion. Another amazing tea option to pamper your body with is ginger. A warm cup of ginger tea is filled with antioxidants, which can help improve your immune system while relieving congestion associated with a common cold. But the most well- known benefit of this rooty tea is its ability to fight nausea and motion sickness. If you’re going on a long trip, make sure to carry a few bags with you wherever you go. This might not come as a surprise, but for the last couple of years every time we turn on the TV we hear more and more about the incredible benefits of this herbal drink. Replace your cup of joe with green tea every morning to help reduce blood pressure, increase metabolism, fight cancerous cells and aid dental health. You can drink it warm or complement it with a glass of iced green tea with honey and lemon for extra zest. Fragrant, soothing and delicious, peppermint can help with so many ailments. If you have an upset stomach or you’re feeling anxious and stressed, brew a cup for a little natural healing. It’s filled with menthol, which is known to aid digestion and treat flatulence, as well as relax and sooth muscle aches, clear congestion, alleviate mild asthma and provide respite from a throbbing headache. It also freshens breath. 32