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Bar Tab DOUBLE TROUBLE In the fashion world, there’s Dolce & Gabbana, gourmet provisions has Dean & Deluca and the world of craft cocktails has Beppe & Jeran. T E X T BY R O NY M O 150 T en years ago Giuseppe “Beppe” Benedetto visited Miami from Bari, Italy, and never returned. “My mamma is still looking for me,” says Beppe as he flings a bottle of Prosecco at Jeran, a handsome Dutchman who has the attention of every single-woman in the room. They get back-to-back armed with a bottle each, walk 3 paces in the opposite direction, turn and yell FIRE! Two corks explode toward the MetroMover track just above their heads but only one sails over the rail as the Happy Hour crowd erupts in applause. “Many people make drinks, few can present them,” says Beppe with a wink. Drinks are all about the details and this duo doesn’t miss one. “When you work all day in an outdoor bar, you have to think refreshing thoughts, that’s how we invented Jeppé (Jeran +Beppe) Juice,” says Beppe. Cîroc vodka is the foundation while Licor 43 adds elements of burnt sugar and spice, basil is fragrant, strawberry and lemon are refreshing, and sparkling wine adds a touch of dry carbonation. The process of combining the ingredients is a mini Blue Man Group performance with all the tapping, stomping and juggling included, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. Their show runs every weekend at Segafredo Brickell’s freshly renovated Garden Bar; 1421 S. Miami Ave.; 305.577.9809; Jeppé Juice 1½ oz. Cîroc Vodka ½ oz. Licor 43 Strawberry, Lemon & Basil muddled with 1 tsp. of sugar Splash of Cin Cin Prosecco