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Land, Sea & Air RIGHTEOUS RIDES Jaguar F-Type One of the most recognizable cars ever built is the Jaguar XKE. The mechanical equivalent of its namesake, it was fast, nimble and rocked the world of those fortunate enough to drive one. All this is now back in the form of Jaguar’s Project 7. But as there will only be 250 built (all of which were spoken for within minutes of the car’s announcement), the next best thing is the new F-Type. The F-Type V8 S combines a 495-hp supercharged V8 transmitted to its 20” wheels via a ZF 8-speed differential and electronic active differential, the exhaust barking out of the outboard-mounted quad pipes all the way up to a top speed of 186 mph. In keeping with Jaguar tradition, the interior is all very proper, awash in supple leather and fine woods. You’ll want to move the office far, far away just as an excuse to open this thing up; $72,900; 130