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Encounters w/ Biscayne Beach 1 2 3 Ideal Development Hundreds gathered at Terra Veritatis, the private residence of engineering mogul Billy Dean, as co-hosts Cervera Real Estate, Eastview Development, GTIS Partners and celebrity interior designer Thom Filicia celebrated the launch of Edgewater’s newest luxury condo, Biscayne Beach, a 51-story high-rise tower that will boast Miami’s first bayfront beach club. — Photos by World Red Eye 4 6 162 1. Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Reid Boren 2. Mark Whiting, Jesse Ottley 3. Emily Gimblett. Karen Elmir 4. Thom Filicia, Laura Beck 5. Michael Capponi, Taylor Collins, M. Lentz 6. Lauren Fitzpatrick, Linda Uribe 7. Shelley Figueroa, Vivian Cepero 8. Chris Adeleke, Gabriela Soto 9. Thom Collins, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Thom Filicia 10. Jennifer Cervera, Cristina Gort 11. Gingi Beltran, Thom Collins 12. Bendict Geber, Phalyn Baguer 13. April Donelson, Alexandra Piccirilli 14. Nelo Patton, Criselda & Jonathan Breene 15. Beach Event 5 7