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Encounters w/ Biscayne Art House 1 3 2 4 5 CULTURED DISPLAYS Biscayne Art House’s recent exposition Vanishing Points & Convergence: Salvadorean Art In Perspective allows visitors to come into contact with the diversity of the country’s artistic practices. 1. Adriana Herrera introducing the artists 2. Anthony Sauce, Alexandra Plasencia, Rodrigo Fernandez, Ana Maria De Pina, Maria Irene Guerrero, Luis Eduardo Cordero 3. Ana Maria De Pina, Ana Cristina Gonzalez 4. Alessa & Claudio Rotati 5. Danny Zavaleta, Luis Cornejo, Ronald Moran 6. Luis Cornejo 7. Danny Zavaleta 8. Ronald Moran, Maria Marta De Ragalado 6 7 160 8