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Encounters w/ 101 Key Biscayne 1 3 2 4 5 LAP OF LUXURY 101 Key Biscayne, the island’s newest condominium project, took center stage recently to show off its Ornare designs, which will be featured in each residence. 1. Sebastien Studer, Bianca Geraci, Allan Tahar 2. Anna Sherrill, Joseph Kubicek, Elaine Spottswood 3. Leonardo Oliviera, Rafaela Leal 4. Sandra Melo, Marcos Zapf, Gabriela Demelo 5. Patricia Rambaud, Maxim Rambaud, Patricia Pavan 6. Analicia Santaella, Thania Vernon, Lisa Treister 7. Eric Soulavy, Cristina Soulavy, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Segall, Patricia Pavan 8. Lara Seouto, Claudio Bertolla, Karina Michelin 6 7 158 8