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Encounters @ Nordica 1 3 2 4 5 HAUTE INVESTMENT Hundreds of Miami’s real estate elite joined The Astor Companies & Cervera Real Estate to celebrate the re- launch of the newly-redesigned Nordica Condominium, an 18-story boutique luxury condo in “The Roads” neighborhood. 6 7 154 1. Ali Lamadrid, Alicia Cervera, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid 2. Henry Torres, Nilda Torres, Denise Torres, Peter Torres 3. Jacquie Rivera, Francis Picard 4. Erika Palacios, Genilde Guerra 5. Kelly Penton Chacon, Allie Grant 6. Vince Castro, Francis Suarez, Jorge Camarazza 7. Liliana Popp, Carla Pardo, Astrid Camargo 8. Neybis Sanchez, Bianca Gutierrez, Paulina Muro 8