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Success Oasis Ahoy, Matey! Feel like you need a little more seafarin’ spirit in your life? Claim these Thomas Paul Scrimshaw plates as part of your home décor booty. Thomas Paul’s dinnerware pieces are all made from dishwasher-safe, high-quality melamine, which means durability and easy clean up. We love their playful reinterpretations of classic nautical themes. It’s just the excuse we’ve been looking for to have a clambake; Perfect Setting For some of us, working in the kitchen is a daily moment of zen. For others, it’s a nightmare. Tip your balance toward the fun and relaxing with cabinet and island designs from Biaggi Cucina. Their hip, modern looks are a great way to class up your kitchen, providing you with an organized, useable and attractive space to work or play in. Visit their showrooms in Doral or Coral Gables; For more information, call 305.771.3607 or visit Bright Ideas Who says lighting solutions should be limited to traditional lamps or spots? We’ve decided to have a bit of at-home fun with these funky room-brighteners. 30 Wing It Rainbow Connection Hungry Yet? Poetic and dreamy — or a little on the spooky side? We’re still making up our minds about this Artecnica Icarus Light, which encases itself in a drape of angelic feathers. As long as it doesn’t catch fire, we’re cool; $100. Our grandmothers would undoubtedly pass out over their Thanksgiving turkey if we suspended this Gypsy Multicolored Chandelier over the table. Rainbow plastic in the dining room? Perish the thought; $65. We’re a little frightened of this Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp. We’re afraid every time someone turns it on, we’re going to get a sudden craving for French vanilla. So much for that svelte waistline; $40.