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Designwise Superior Home Marble and quartz have been highly valued throughout time in high- end residences and commercial buildings. Compac’s “technological” versions take these rich, aesthetically pleasing materials and adapts them to our modern world. T e x t by San dy Lin dse y Ph otos co ur t e sy o f Com pac: T h e Sur face s Com pany W hat do the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Samsung buildings in Korea, Alain Manoukian shops in France, the station in Bilbao and luxury homes in Miami have in common? They all feature Compac: The Surfaces Company’s products. What started out as a family-based project back in 1975 with the goal of “manufacturing outstanding decorative coverings of extremely high quality” has grown to an international concern with a convenient presence in our very own backyard. “We are the leading Spanish company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing agglomerated marble and 68 we’re a great specialist in engineered stone,” says General Manager Carlos Ferrando. “We have two fabrics, one of marble located in Spain since 1975 and one of quartz located in Portugal since 2003. By using Breton of Italy machinery and industrial equipment, we’re able to offer cutting-edge, top-quality products.” Marmol Compac, the company’s technological marble, was created to fill a gap in the marketplace that called for a versatile surface that could be offered in a wide range of formats — from small decorative motifs up to large façade pieces. Their more recent technological innovation, Quartz Compac, was fashioned to provide an elegant yet extremely durable surfacing option offered in a broad selection of attractive color options