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Encounters 2 1 3 4 TALK OF THE TOWN The official launch of the site was hosted at Kyma, the new hip lounge at the Epic Hotel. BrickTWN is the exclusive classifieds community for residents of Brickell, Downtown and Midtown. — Photos by Natalya Spicker 1. Gene Harkey, Fabiola Castro 2. Felipe Kafati, Paulina Atala 3. Olivia Rodriguez, Pamela Dahlin 4. Monica Ventura, Anna Parra, Mateo Chialastri, Denise Torres, Rossana Gutierrez 5. Terry Dowling, Christian Bizzotto, Vaughn Liley 6. Shawn Eric Fralin, Erin McGinnis 7. Erick Lacayo, Herman Spicker 5 6 104 7