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Encounters Special Spa Elite Health recently celebrated the opening of its aesthetics division with complimentary treatments during a “Happy Spa Friday” event. With plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Freiman at the helm of this new division, clients witnessed first-hand some of the beautiful and natural results they can expect with every visit. 1. Jacob Freiman, MD 2. Steven Schnur, Alex Zeledon, Antonio Rosado 3. Tiffany Bishop, Larry Vado, Rachel Morgan 4. Steven Schinur, Eliana Schnur 5. Jose Rios, Ryan Lederman, Dr, Jacob Freiman, Melida Farinay 6. Peter Cruz, Shara Downs, Jennifer Canal 7. Katherine Londono, Alfredo Stagg, Annarita Pintus 8. Katherine Londono, Fernando Fandino- Sende, Rachel Morgan 2 4 3 5 7 112 1 6 8