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Encounters@Fabulous Miami Oh, WHAT A LAUNCH! OMG! Who knew the lure would be so intense? Hundreds showed up to The River Lounge at Epic for the highly anticipated launch of, a new private online social club catering to networking professionals of all ages. Drinks, food and dozens of raffled goodies kept guests entertained. At the end of the evening, everyone left a winner. 1. Carolina Baca, Leonardo Hidalgo, Susy Navarro & Alexandra Aguirre 2. Rodrigo Games & Juan Carlos Escobar 3. Meghan Schwartz & Laura Gottlieb 4. Alex German & Kristina Harmon 5. Fabiola Castro & writer Dr. Adam Golden 6. Olga Rogova & Olga Reidy 7. Rita Dargham, Liana Montealegre, Walter Zawistowski & Lynn Christ 8. Jackson Williams, Emily Joy, Jennifer Easter & Gabriella Macias 9. Marco Baca, Latin por artist “Karaat”, Lupita Peterfy & Hannelore Schmid 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 104 brickell magazine 9