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Encounters w/ Equinox 1 3 GET MOVIN’ Award-winning journalist Maria Shriver and Equinox Sports Club joined forces to expand Move For Minds, a groundbreaking initiative of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. — Photos by World Red Eye 1. Flip Aguilera, Alina Shriver, Jackie Nespral, Alon Seifan, Nelson Dellis 2. Ceci Marizu, Marie Cataudella 3. Romero Britto, Alina Shriver, Philip Levine 4. Susie Wahab, Barbara Becker, Iran Issa-Khan, Tara Solomon 5. Susie Lurie, Dara Lieber, Caroline Cardenas 6. Monica Ramos, Cynthia Hatami, Patricia Potestades 7. Monica Gonzalez, Anna Blackman 8. Farah Tayfour, Monica Ramos 2 170