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Encounters w/ American Heart Association 1 3 2 WELLNESS WISHES The American Heart Association held its 49th Annual Miami Heart & Stroke Ball at the JW Marriott Marquis to benefit the organization’s ongoing mission to build healthier lives. 1. The Curtis Family, a featured Survivor Story 2. Dr. Barry Katzen, Dr. Madeleen Mas, Dr. Ildefonso Mas, Carol Melvin 3. The Scholls 4. Dr. Niberto & Dr. Gilda Moreno 5. Ben & Marcia Mollere 6. Dr. Italo & Mrs. Rejane Linfante 7. Dr. Sergio Triana & Marisa Hild 8. Isis Zambrana-Diaz, Jose Diaz 9. Luis & Annette Arango 10. Mark Higgins & Danielle Cohen Higgins 162 4