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Q: Why have you decided to make the business of fitness your career? A: “I had no choice. Sitting in a chair 20+ years was killing me! No wonder they say that sitting is the new smoking!” Keith E. Skowron Q: What sets your fitness program apart? A: “I don’t limit a fitness plan to what’s done in the gym and kitchen. One of our spontaneous fitness plans (with my 15-year-old daughter) was to walk to the farmers’ market, get some bamboo plants, carry them home a 1/4 mile, dig holes and plant them. It’s important to move the way our ancestors moved.” Q: What’s the most memorable client transformation you’ve been a part of? A: “Working as a team to help a semi-invalid women to regain mobility and self-esteem. The transformation was not just physical, it was also social and spiritual.” Q: What’s the most challenging fitness goal you’ve been able to achieve? A: “My goal isn’t the usual running a marathon or completing in an Iron Man, those things never really appealed to me. My goal to maintain integrity in an ever-changing and not always well-intended industry is challenging enough. Also, remaining injury-free and illness-free as I approach 60 years old this year.” Q: What’s the best advice you can offer someone looking to get fit as quickly as possible for a special event? A: “Affirmation and visualization. The mind is the most important piece of fitness equipment. Successful clients are constantly sending me pictures of the arms, the abs and the butts they would like. Give yourself 30 days of life changes…you will feel better; in 60 days, you’ll look better; in 90 days you’ll be transformed!” Q: Why is it so hard for folks to maintain a regular fitness program? A: “There’s a misconception some people have that they don’t have the time. If that’s the case, then make the time. The hours of 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. are always available and that time of day is amazing. I never miss a sunrise. Also, misinformation is a challenge. Educate yourself or seek out professional help. The ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn is very empowering.” The KX Method 751 NE 70th St. Miami, FL 33138 305.495.1878 69