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Success C r e at i v e ART INTERACTIVE Manifestos is Artist Jose Carlos Martinat’s full-sensory audio-mechanical installation that you can now encounter as you come and go from the epicenter of Brickell’s Financial District. TEXT BY ESTRELLITA S. SIBILA Get ready to be mesmerized by the rhythmic movement of Peruvian Artist Jose Carlos Martinat’s Manifestos, a body of work that centers on experimentation. True to his style, this multi-structure installation at 444 Brickell Ave. combines the use of bicycle wheels, megaphones, metal frames and a speech synthesizer to create what Martinat describes as a “primarily auditory installation.” A series of synchronized pendulums emit art manifestos as the energy generated by the rotation of a bicycle wheel causes each pendulum to move. The piece is part of Jorge Pérez’s continued efforts to populate the city with publicly accessible art. “Viewers are free to interact with the piece in whatever way they like,” shares the artist. “Everyone’s interpretation of the piece will greatly depend on his or her own life experience.”   46