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Encounters w/ The Related Group 1 3 2 4 5 Luxe Welcome The Related Group celebrated the groundbreaking of BeachWalk in Hallandale Beach, a new luxury condominium that is already over 80% reserved. 6 7 1. Official Groundbreaking of BeachWalk 2. Egozi, Gardner, Cascio, Trujillo, Fordin, Pine, Santamaria, Negrin 3. Milton Garcia, Jr., Merav Egozi, Milton Garcia 4. Aida Sasson, Helena Fordin 5. Gloria Marin, Beatrice Guancace 6. Mathy Garcia Chesnick, Anna Uribe, Juliana Tobon, Perla Machaen 7. Carlos Rosso, Anthony Sanders, Alexander Lewy, Joy Cooper, Eric Fordin, Jorge Perez 8. Merav Egozi, Wendy Pine, Courtney Gardner, Jorge Perez, Beatriz Santamaria, Cari Cascio 8 157