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Land, Sea & Air Sensational Get into one of these high-powered, luxury sedans this summer for a road trip (or trip to the grocery store) to remember with the entire family or a group of friends. Or perhaps you’ll want to take a ride alone, where you and the road can bond like never before. The biggest problem you’ll have is figuring out which one of these top-notch vehicles to drive. T e x t by B i ll Li n dse y Ph otos co ur t e sy o f r e spec t i v e b r an ds Jaguar XJL Supersport Price: $118,575 Where to get it: They had us at the heated — or cooled — massaging, leather-wrapped seats. The supercharged, 510-hp V8 that rumbles like a caged, well, jaguar, is simply sugar-free yet sinfully exquisite icing on the proverbial cake. Jaguar is back, and is no longer — dare we say it? — a slightly reworked Ford Taurus. The horror is over. Yes, it has 4 doors, since sometimes you simply have to bring along the kids or in-laws, but the mood lighting and road-hugging handling makes the daily commute pure pleasure. Those who enjoy Siri on their phones, and even the Android-types, will delight in the XJL’s interactive, voice-driven controls, virtual instrumentation, touchscreen displays, 30 GB harddrive and 1,200-watt sound system driving 20 Bose speakers…that’s more entertainment capability than in your kid’s college dorm. Yet it’s a pure blast to drive, meaning you can have your cake and drive it, too. 106