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Encounters @ Scalina Restaurant 1 2 3 4 POWER GATHERING Various local and international chambers united at Scalina Ristorante along with Casa de Madrid, Mercado de Dinero and Rotary Club of Miami-Brickell for a night of networking that included the introduction of a new liquor brand. 1. Rodrigo Huete, Martha Kelly, Patricia Cardenal, William Kelly 2. Jessica Stella, Zuley Rodriguez, Nikky Oliva, Margel Palacios 3. Alejandra Gutierrez, David Knight, Angelica Villegas 4. Pepin Aizcorde, Delsa Gonzalez, Josue Rios, Ana Ludvigsen 5. Ivette Day, Joe Figueiras, Ray Briels 6. Fernando G, Paola Rico, Enrico G. 7. Rachel Billante, Rosa De La O 5 6 7 129