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Encounters Chef Dreams Aon recently hosted an office-wide cook-off in their Brickell offices. Brickell Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jorge Arauz was the official judge for the competition which yielded several winners in various categories. 1. Sonia Paneque, Nicole Paneque, Euan Smart 2. Sonia Paneque, Martha Roig, Linda LaSalle Burton 3. Grand Prize Winner Cecilia Stevenson 4. Eneida Santos, Ericka Linares, Bernice Noel 5. Omi Fundora 6. Hazel Garcia, Marjorie Maristany, Josie Abad 7. Raquel & Nick Navarro with their daughter Krystal 8. Omi Fundora, Keith Williams, Hellen Mena 9. Carmen Blanco, Organizer Melissa Sullivan, Michael Brodie 10. Bryan Figola, Daniel Abraira 11. Liddia Wilson, Karen Riley, Jennifer Quinones, Caroline Lamarre 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 10 100 5 8 11