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Bar Tab Mover & Shaker When Beily Santos isn’t racing down Ocean Drive on her rollerblades, she’s shaking things up at The Clevelander. You might get to try one of her cocktails, but you’ll have to catch her first. T e x t by R o ny M o Ph otos by Ko r e y Dav is 72 T he first thing you’ll notice about Beily is her speed; she’s a comet eternally in a state of motion. Organizing, prepping, cleaning, chatting, mixing, pouring. When bionic arms become a reality, she’ll probably buy them in bulk, as she’ll surely burn out their motors. “There’s a lot of volume at The Clevelander, so you have to learn to keep up,” she says. A continuous stream of guests come clomping in right off the beach, sunburned, sandy and parched. Beily’s Comet sprints into action and drops a couple of Miami Vices in front of them. “I’ve seen that face before…it needs a drink that’s like an air- conditioner for your mouth,” she laughs. Beily may look like a belly dancer that got lost on her way to a Shakira video, but she’s a true guy’s girl. Some March Madness fans wearing blue & orange jerseys are cheering maniacally, another set in opposing colors hold up their faces with their hands. Agreeing to shots isn’t the problem, but deciding on the liquor is. Beily makes an executive decision: Baby Guinnesses for all. The Cleve has many types of parties going on simultaneously yet somehow it works. Attribute it to the fact that everyone — from Albania to Zambia — can find something they like here. “Spin a globe and wherever your finger lands, someone from there has been here and I’ve served them,” she says. Baby Guinness Chilled ½ oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream layered over 1½ oz. Patrón XO Café served as a shot.