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Success B o n V oyag e Soul Sojourns If you’re looking for unforgettably positive travel experiences around the globe but aren’t sure where to start, let Epic Road help you plan the trip of a lifetime. T e x t by Blue Ar auz Ph otos cour t esy o f Epic Road 64 As awesome as Miami is, you won’t be able to take a dip with 3,000 penguins darting in and out of the water, hike up one of The Natural Wonders Of The World, microchip a rhino in the wild or travel back in time and experience the day-to-day activities of remote tribes in Ethiopia. However, you can do just that and much more with travel company Epic Road. They send their guests on transformative, enriching trips, often with a humanitarian or conservation twist. Their journeys to Africa and The Arctic are meant to inspire, captivate and thrill. Epic Road’s mission is to raise awareness and facilitate a heightened understanding of issues like human/wildlife conflict, species endangerment, malaria prevention, climate change, food scarcity, orphan care, as well as access to clean water and medical care. Go ahead, catch a little wanderlust while you transform yourself and help change the world;