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Legalwise In times when businesses are struggling, the attorneys at Siegfried, Rivera, Lerner, De La Torre & Sobel, P.A., are strengthening their firm to meet the challenges that face condominium and homeowners associations in South Florida. Tex t by Luisana Suegart photos by antonio eli W hether handling construction matters or tirelessly representing an association in its day-to- day general work, shareholders Maria Arias, Lisa Lerner and Helio De La Torre uphold their firm’s standard of personalized professionalism. Since 1977, the firm has maintained a boutique practice focused on representing community associations from the most breathtaking high-rises on Brickell to the largest homeowner associations, as well as construction and real estate law. “There’s tremendous stability within our firm,” says Arias, who has been at Siegfried since 1989. “The way this practice treats the people who work here contributes to our ability to stay strong for our clients.” Arias handles the general practice related to condominium and homeowners associations, including the interpretation of documents and contracts. She also oversees the collections department. “There are a lot of nuances to community association law, so it’s important to understand association structures, especially the restrictions and regulations that apply.” Arias’ goal is to explain all aspects of associations to members and directors. “For me, it’s critical to massage ideas and go over future plans,” she says. “It’s about having compassion for the circumstances of the community.” A methodical researcher, Arias is recognized for her expertise in guiding clients through what would otherwise be an overwhelming maze 66 Firm