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Stylewise There’s no need to window-shop at Green Grass across Mary Brickell Village — the clothes and action inside will be enough to lure you in to buy the perfect outfit even if all you originally planned to do was browse. Tex t by Luisana Suegart Photos by Jose Amigo F ashion shows. Magazine photoshoots. Art exhibits. Extravagant, fun product launches. These are just some of the things that have complemented the fashions proudly displayed inside Brickell’s most alluring boutique, Green Grass. “Our customers are always telling us that it’s refreshing to see some action and exciting finally coming back to the city,” says owner Claudia Sanz. “When our customers walk into our showroom, we want them to experience not just the clothes on display, but also the vibe they’ll get when they wear their favorite pieces.” Launching Green Grass was second nature to Sanz, a Colombian-born fashionista whose family is filled with fans of fashion and all things aesthetic. For more than three decades, her mother has owned a hair salon in Colombia and her aunt a boutique. But her first taste of fashion design came from her seamstress grandmother. “There are two things I remember the most,” she says, “the first was going to the fabric store and seeing the colors, the names and the kinds of fabrics. The second was what my grandmother used to say: ‘No matter how original or different you want to dress, you always have to look classy.’” 54 brickell magazine