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Encounters LADIES FIRST Leading Ladies League, GBS The Beauty Store and Treskoi PR hosted a special “Girls Night Out” event that featured fabulous door prizes, complimentary beauty treatments and a bevy of beauty products. Leading Ladies League, Inc., is a local organization serving Miami’s women and children in need. 1. Abbi Johnson, Alexandra Lyons & Dana Rhoden 2. April Donelson & Alessandra Grieco 3. Donelson, Jessica Cristobal & Chanel Caton 4. Chanel Caton, Kara Lundgren, Whitney Kelly 5. Dejha Carrington, Valerie Graves & Trisha Brookbank 6. Gina Castaldo, Juan Ruiz GBS, The Beauty Store store manager & Angela Carraway 7. Jessica Cristobal, April Donelson, Chanel Caton, Whitney Kelly 8. Stephanie Tyler, Trisha Brookbank, Linsay Kenny, Heather Wright & Lucy Borrego 9. Angela Caraway, Dana Rhoden 10. Jessica Cristobal, Chanel Caton, Alexandra Lyons, Abbi Johnson 11. Maya King & Sandra Ortiz 12. Christina Termine & Jessica Cristobal 13. Joy Feisst, Dana Rhoden & Sylvie Duerkop 14. Neema Nair, Lisa & Imani Mason Reilly & Deanna Foy 15. April Donelson, Jessica Cristobal & Chanel Caton 16. Chanel Caton, Damara Belson & Kaia Jacobi 2 3 4 5 6 7 112 key biscayne magazine 1