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Encounters GRAND OPENING Darlene Perez and Kara Ross, wives of Jorge Perez (Chairman and CEO of The Related Group) and his best friend and partner, Steve Ross (The Related Companies in New York) hosted a fashionable luncheon event during the Viceroy’s Miami Grand Opening Weekend to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute. 1.Jayne Abess, Alicia Cevera, Darlene Perez, Kara-Ross 2. Bobbie Der Vlugt with friend 3. Darlene Perez with friend 4. Jamie Joe Harris, & friend 5. Kara Ross and Darlene Perez 6. Michelle Rubell, Katharine Rubino 7. Therese Gibb with friends 1 2 5 3 4 6 7 may-june 2009 107