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Success S t y le EYE-CATCHING Forget full lips and prominent cheekbones, eyes are by far the most beautiful part of the face, with lash lifts and eyelash extensions from Rik Rak Salon key factors in today’s haute looks. TEXT BY STACY WYNN TOP PHOTO COURTESY MORIS MORENO The team at Rik Rak Salon know that style is different from fashion. Once you find your style, you keep it. Eyeshadow colors that change each year are a prime example of fashion, lash lifts and eyelash extensions a key addition to modern style. Lash lifts are a treatment that can add curl and definition for up to 6-8 weeks. It’s basically a keratin treatment that curls your natural lashes, with the option to tint them at the same time to enhance their appeal and make them more defined. Best of all, it shortens your daily makeup routine. Want fuller, longer lashes along with a stronger curl? Then you want eyelash extensions. The lashes at Rik Rak Salon come in 4 different curl types to best fit your natural lashes as well as different lengths to give you your desired look. They also carry classic lashes and volume lashes. Refills are usually recommended every 2-3 weeks; 48