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Success C ult ur e RISQUÉ RELIQUARY Think you’ve muscled your way through every museum the city has to offer? Take a trip through the tantalizing yet tasteful array of artifacts at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach. T E X T BY RYA N JA R R E LL A true gem that unfortunately doesn’t always make its way into the guidebooks, the consistently blush- inducing World Erotic Art Museum is home to America’s largest collection of fine erotic art. While perhaps not appropriate to take the tots to, there’s plenty of thought-provoking and culturally informative naughty sights in this artistic assemblage of all things creative and concupiscent. A collection that ever- so-delicately straddles (ahem) the line between the pulchritudinous (that means physically beautiful if you don’t have a thesaurus handy) and the pornographic (no need to define this one!), WEAM holds works by such unquestionable greats as Picasso, Dali and Botero alongside woefully under-celebrated pop-photog’s such as Helmut Newton and Miami’s own Bunny Yeager. Featuring works from antiquity to contemporary times, many of them one-of-a-kind, you’ll have tons of fun exploring the over 12,000 sq. ft. of this libidinous labyrinth. Like any reputably curated curio collection, a rotating list of original exhibitions from similar institutions across the globe means there’s always something new to see; 54