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Success Esthetique Global Vibe Stylist David Luke Youse brings a unique perspective to his work at Waxmee Salon & Spa, thanks to his experience working in various continents. David Luke Youse has a serious international pedigree. The Waxmee Salon & Spa stylist was schooled in France, London and Argentina, but that was only the start of his truly unique background. During his 27 years in the business, he’s worked in locations as far afield as Europe and Uruguay before coming to the U.S. and finding a place at Waxmee. Youse transforms the traditional shampoo, cut and style into a unique salon experience, applying a freestyle rather than precision aesthetic to the looks he creates, which makes him a favorite with many customers. He’s also renowned for his work on elegant, shorter looks, where his European experience comes to the forefront; 1759 SW 3rd Ave, Miami; 305.856.4082, 24