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Success T im epiece s CLEAR ELEGANCE Skeleton watches are a marvel of engineering, designed to allow a glimpse of the inner workings, a symphony of gears moving in perfect harmony. Bell & Ross takes the concept to levels literally never seen before with the masterpiece BR-X1 Tourbillon Skelton-Sapphire. TEXT BY BILL LINDSEY Bell & Ross timepieces are incredibly practical (albeit expensive) watches that resemble the dials of fighter aircraft. But while the BR-X1 Tourbillon Skeleton- Sapphire shares the iconic X-Shape, it is a stunningly beautiful, moving work of art. The watertight case is crafted from multiple blocks of Corindon, the second- densest material on Earth, in a process that requires several days to complete. The result allows views of the movement from every angle. The 177-piece Bell & Ross mechanical movement features a 100-hour power reserve and is slightly offset to ensure maximum visibility from the top, bottom and sides. A Grade 5 titanium crown winds the movement, ensuring the steady progression of the minute and hour hands, filled with pure Superluminova for maximum visibility in low- light or pure darkness, around the recessed sandblasted inner zone and mirror-polished beveled details. Sparkling like a perfectly cut diamond, the BR-X1 is an incredibly well-engineered and unique timepiece with a limited- edition run of only 8 pieces and a pricetag of just under $500,000; 60