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Encounters w/ Housing Works 1 2 3 DESIGN MINDS Housing Works hosted Design On A Dime Miami, where more than 30 interior designers and influential tastemakers created room vignettes with new furniture, art and home décor merchandise. — Photos by World Red Eye 1. Douglas Friendman, Whitney Robinson, James Huniford, Robert Rufino 2. Ximena Caminos 3. Miguel Lewis, Stephannie Benhamu 4. David Bugagiar, Mau Baz, Lior Haladi 5. Krista Watterworth Alterman, Wade Hallock, Maggie Cruz 6. Janet Patterson, Brett Sugerman, Giselle Loor 7. Iran Issa Khan 8. Lindsay Biondo 9. Monica Arellano 10. Amanda Lindroth, Robert Rufino 11. Nicole White 4 156