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Encounters w/ MA+D 1 3 2 4 5 CREATIVE Experience Bayfront Park provided a dramatic and scenic backdrop for the inaugural debut of Miami Art + Design (MA+D) on President’s Day Weekend, with a showcase of more than 40 prominent international art & design galleries. — Photos by Korey Davis 6 7 172 1. Clarissa Santiago,
Agnes Monplaisir,
Magali Deboth 2. Elizabeth Mercedes,
Alicia Reese,
Tamika Bickham 3. Alexander Gherardi,
Alexander V. Kruglov 4. Daniel Hourde,
Agnes Monplaisir 5. Sean J Mccormick,
Lee Ann Lester 6. Johnathan Green,
Matthew Green 7. Mercier Finer,
Guy Stair Sainty 8. Kirsia Batista, Edewin Perez 9. Deborah Rozier,
Mauricio Andino-Mendoza 10. Stacy Conde,
Miguel Brena,
Cary Fernandez-Brena 11. Carolyn Tanner, Kelsey Kyle 12. Ana Sainz,
Henrika Thoreson 13. Ana Maria Gonzalez,
Manuel Gonzalez 14. Adriana Budich, Nina Torres 15. Flavio Gianassi, Gabriele Caioni 16. Roly Masferrer,
Cristy Palomo