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Encounters @ The Hoxton 1 2 4 6 Generation of Giving United Way of Miami-Dade’s Young Leaders joined to discuss their upcoming plans for the year with a happy hour at The Hoxton, one of Brickell’s newest hotspots. 3 5 7 8 136 1. Nelly M. Farra, Lena Lowell, Jessie Silverman 2. Devyn Lopez, Jorge Fors, Manny Arce, Lady Delgado 3. Albert Santos, Jackie Rosell 4. Monique Hayes, Marilee Mark 5. Yudi Fernandez, Yanet Obarrio-Sanchez 6. Kara Zeder, Karina Lopez 7. Elizabeth Galvez, Fran Power, Caro Porcari 8. Bill Pressley, Ryan Lindgren, Matt Grosack