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Encounters w/ Lydecker Diaz 1 4 2 3 5 NEW SPACE Recently, Richard Lydecker & Manny Diaz, Senior Partners of Lydecker Diaz, hosted a cocktail reception in celebration of their new office located at 1221 Brickell Ave . 1. Dwight Hill, Manny Diaz 2. Helena & Andre Rodriguez 3. Mickey Minacari, John Timoney 4. Judge Ivan Fernandez, Judge Samantha Ruiz-Cohen, Christopher Berga 5. Isabelle Lydecker, Dwight Hill, Judge Beatrice Butchko 6. Judge Ana Pando, Commissioner Carollo, Judge Antonio Martin, Commissioner Bruno Barriero 7. Onier Lopez, Carla Barrow, Steven Berlin 8. Mark Sarnoff, Richard Lydecker, Javier Fernandez 6 7 146 8