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Encounters @ La Gorce 1 2 3 4 HOLe-in-one Perfect weather and enthusiastic golfers and croquet players combined to make The Unicorn Children’s Foundation’s 3rd Annual Golf & Games Tournament at La Gorce Country Club a success . — Photos by Mitchell Zachs 1. Eloise Carroll, Maria Ullrich, Kathleen O’Neil, Paula McMahon 2. Croquet Chair Emily Damiano, Mercedes Carlson 3. Harry Liu, Elisa Boyer, Stuart and Joanne Harries 4. 2 nd Place Foursome Dr. Eugene Sayfie, Morten Aagaard, Chet Ranawat, Jordan Sayfie 5. Jan Hart, Jennifer Valoppi, Dr. Diane Walder, Penny Magor 6. Karey Spence- Fitzgerald, Golf Chair Yvonne Eldredge, Gina Heise, Patty Frankel 7. Paco Figueroa Ariel Manso, Victor Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez 8. Harry Mohney, Betsy Perez, Linda Levy Goldberg, Brian Whiteway 5 6 144 7 8