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Encounters @ BrickellHouse 1 2 3 4 Amazing Rendezvous Hundreds of South Florida’s real estate elite gathered at BrickellHouse for a spectacular party under the stars hosted by Newgard Development Group and Cervera Real Estate. Guests enjoyed an evening of live music by Miami’s own DJ Le Spam of Spam Allstars, as well as delicious cocktails and gourmet cuisine from some of Miami’s finest food trucks. — Photos by Manny Hernandez 5 6 140 1. Harvey Hernandez of Newgard Development Group, Fareed Asadi, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid of Cervera Real Estate 2. Kenneth Baboun of Newgard Development Group, Priscila Perales, Daniel W. Hudson 3. Maria Tartaglia, Andres Asion 4. Susie Glass, Anuca Valverde 5. Luis Garcia of Garcia’s Seafood Grille, Brenda Bichili 6. Selene Aversu, Brandie Gordon, Goldi Steel 7. Jessica Gomez, Dennis Mancino 8. Zachary Scott, Kadeem Fisher 7 8