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Land, Sea & Air Speed Matters Take these luxury sports cars for a spin and find out why once you get into one of these babies, you’ll never want to reach your final destination. T e x t by B i ll Li n dse y Ph otos co u r t e sy o f r e spec t i v e m an ufac t u r er s Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Price: $64,515 Where to get it: Williamson Cadillac; 7815 SW 104 St., Miami; 866.375.1759; Imagine dropping a sleek, luxurious cabin onto the “speedy bits” of a Corvette and you get the idea of the CTS-V. Powered by an Eaton supercharged, intercooled 556-hp engine linked to a supernaturally responsive Hydramatic 6-speed automatic transmission, the CTS-V is the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B with more style than a busload of divas. Cadillac’s unique Magnetic Ride Control allows outstanding grip on the road, while the massive 6-piston, race-quality Brembo brakes stop the car faster than a paparazzo’s Nikon. The cockpit would make a F117 stealth fighter pilot feel right at home, with Recaro seats, LED gauges and a G-meter. While it would be comfy on any racetrack, it’s also the ideal family car. Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly enroll the kids in a school a couple of counties over, just for an excuse to go for a drive. 108