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Success At Your Best Tech Protect How do you carry your iPad? What’s that — you just toss it into your purse or briefcase? That’s a great way to scratch, bang up, or even break your equipment. But carrying around a clunky, boring case is hardly an option. Fear not…TravelTEQ has anticipated your need, and created this gorgeous leather case specifically designed for tablet computers. The case doubles as a stand, with three possible positions, and includes plenty of pockets; Perfect Fit When it comes to dress shirts, do you feel a bit lost? Indecisive? Generally unsatisfied? You’re not picky. It’s just that all those designers are failing to meet your perfectly reasonable needs. Luckily, there’s Blank Label, where you can design the dress shirt of your dreams. Pick your style, fabric, and perfect size, and the boys at Blank Label will happily stitch it up for you — all for less than you’ll pay for your usual designer label; Clean Up! A regular dental hygiene performed by dental professionals is a must! The reason is simple. Approximately two minutes after regular tooth brushing, a film composed of proteins and bacteria is formed on the surfaces of the teeth. This film is better known as dental plaque. Plaque must be efficiently removed every day. If this does not occur, then a calcification or hardening of this film happens. After this has occurred, only special instruments and the care of a dental hygienist or your dentist can remove this calculus build up. But how harmful is to have calculus attached to your teeth? Calculus is nothing more than a group of many, many types of bacteria linked together by calcium. These deposits create an environment that promotes gum inflammation. The response of our body to inflammation is the same in all sites — and it is to fight it! The result is periodontitis, that is, bone loss. Extensive bone loss can occur in a relatively short period of time, too. Your bone is crucial for the maintenance of your teeth. It holds them in place. So remember, go to your scheduled hygiene appointments and preserve the bone that holds your teeth! Another misconception is dental pain. The absence of pain does not necessarily mean that everything is fine. Actually, pain usually means that something has already gone very, very bad. Don’t wait for pain to develop before you seek the care of a dental professional. Dr. Hernan Quintero received his D.D.S Degree from Santa Maria University in Caracas and completed Post-Doctoral training with honors from Tufts. He now provides first-class dental options on Brickell Ave. For a consultation; 305.373.9699 or visit, Trinkets & Such Your closets are probably packed with stress balls, USB coffee mug warmers, and robotic vacuum cleaners that don’t really work. Sell them on Ebay and pick up some gadgets that will actually do you good. 32 Signal Finder Whatever “on the road” means for you, in this day and age it’s vital to stay connected. Digiwifi detects wireless networks, and even lets you know whether or not they’re encrypted; $49.99; Safety First Had a drink or two with dinner, but pretty sure you’re still good to hit the road? You might as well be certain. The Alcohawk tests your blood alcohol level — if you’re close to the limit, don’t risk it; $329; P ow e r S av e r Wonder just how much energy you’re wasting by leaving that coffee pot plugged in? The Kill-A-Watt reveals the energy use of any home appliance. Maybe it’s time to replace that old fridge after all; $59;